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Patent and Trademark are registered

USA, EC, China, Japan, Russia etc.

The functional and technological features of the Lekker are patented in 40 countries.



Why Lekker Recipe?

Lekker is highly proud to create its high-tech innovation and engineering know-how e-cigarette. The vivid evidence of above mentioned; the Lekker is the first company in the world which created Variable Wattage Control and Touch Button in an e-cigarette… (Patent Number: 20-0464889)


How It Works

In order to eliminate a setting troubles, the Lekker made instructional video of its e-cigarettes. You can simply understand essential functions such as FA (Full Auto), Menu and Error Message by watching these videos…


New product

Lekker would like to announce its new product Lekker Recipe Light. Unique engineering approach, software portability, excellent design and safety these all belong to Lekker Recipe Light.

Lekker e-Cigarette

Lekker is proud to be the first Korean company in the e-cigarette world market. Company brings its unique and special design, technologic innovations, first-rate quality and excellent service system and the most important health harmless e-cigarettes into the market. Prior to move in to the electron cigarette market we have thoroughly deliberated and created well-designed, fully-automatic battery powered device.

South Korea is one of the most technologic advanced country in the world. The high technology, innovations, creative work and safety are always made Korean products preferred. Since Lekker is Korean company and its product fully appropriate world high standards.

Lekker is the first company in the world which produced e-cigarette with Full Auto (FA) and Advanced Mode Functions (Ad). We have created first touch button e-cigarette with excellent design. In order to avoid some complicate and time-consuming work the we are simplifying everything about e-cigarette to make it easy to adjust and control. Lekker products make our consumer life lighter and easier.

We endeavor to make our customers feel proud of having it

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